What is brain drain?:

  • Brain drain‘ or ‘Human capital flight‘ means settling in a foreign country. It can be simply defined as the mass emigration of technically skilled people from one country to another country.
  • Brain drain happens due to several reasons such as lack of opportunities & facilities in their own country, political instability etc.

In Favor – Brain drain has to be stopped:

  • In general brain drain happens in developing countries. People must utilize their knowledge and skills for their own countries to transform their countries as developed countries. Developed countries attract the citizens of developing countries by high salaries and using their skills for themselves. So, developing countries too should provide good salaries and opportunities to attract skilled manpower.
  • Skilled manpower is a big asset for any country. If brain drain is stopped, the country can utilize the skilled manpower and can improve its economy. As a result, the standard of living of citizens will increase. Then, people will stay in the country willingly and brain drain will automatically stop.


  • It completely depends on individual. Everybody have freedom of choice.
  • The foreign remittances are very helpful for any country’s economy.
  • Many NRIs are returning India and investing the money here, which is a plus for the economy.
  • Some people are going foreign for studies and after working for a few years, they are returning to India and serving the country.
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We should not compel anyone to be in their own country. It’s better if we make them realize that everyone must have will to serve their country and desire to see their country as developed. And the main solution for stopping the brain drain is providing opportunities for everyone in the country.

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