Why India is performing poorly in sports :-

  • No proper governing of Administrative issues is the prime concern with Indian sports.
  • Non-Involvement of ex-sportsman in administrative staff.
  • Lack of sporting infrastructure.
  • Poor facilities by government.
  • Lack of job security of the sportsman.
  • Unless there is an exception in achievement of women player-no news channel or media shows any concern or care about women in sports.
  • Lack of family support and sports culture in our societies.
  • Not enough recognition for other sportsmen when compared to fame of cricketers.
  • Athletes do not receive proper funding to meet their needs.
  • Sportsman don’t have constant source of income and no help is given by government in their early stages of trainings.
  • No proper sports education during early stages in schools.
  • Media always concentrates on cricket more than other sports. Many of us are still unaware that India has its own ice hockey team. Though the situation is improving, the change is not upto the mark.

What Indian govt is doing :-

  • “Let’s play” action plan by NITI Ayog with the aim of 50 Olympic medals in 2024 summer Olympic games.
  • ‘Khelo India’ a national program for development of sports launched by government in April 2016.
  • In September 2017 Union cabinet had given new structure to ‘Khelo India’ program at the cost of 1756 crore rupees.
  • For the upcoming 2020 Olympics government approved the appointment of best foreign coaches to various sports.
  • In 2017, Indian government appointed 12 Indian players of international eminence as National observer for various sports.
  • Many government as well private bodies opens facilities such as ‘USHA School’, ’KOOH Sports Academy’, ‘The Arena from TransStadia’ to boost sports in India.
  • ”The Panchayat Yuva Kreeda aur Khel Ahiyan” was launched with mission to provide better sports facilities in rural areas.
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What else needs to be done :-

  • Provde financial support for retired players.
  • Selection process of players and board members needs more transparency.
  • Sports-governing bodies head will be an ex-sportsman. This will create job opportunities for sportsmen as well.
  • Equal Promotion of all sports, encouragement of every small victory to boost confidence of players.
  • Creating awareness in societies, changing the mindset towards the sports.
  • Setting up sports schools by government.

Best practices worldwide :-

  • Serbia has gold medalists as coaches in high schools as well as colleges to give better sports education.
  • China promotes sports through various stages in schools. China invests a good part of GDP on sports.

Conclusion :-

With the recent achievements in many sports in India, Sports got more importance than before. Introduction of league for different sports shows that India’s focus on sports other than cricket is improved. In the coming days, sports will create more job opportunities and contributes to Indian economy as well. Looking at the present scenario of sports we can say the condition of sports in India is improving faster than ever. Though we still have a long way to go to catch up with the global scenario.

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Afterwords :- Do you think sports have due importance in India? Express your thoughts in the comment setion below.

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  • pooja khyalia, Feb 28, 2019 @ 8:28 am Reply

    I think attitude of people towards sports has changed to a great extent ………………………… many months before I met a boy in acquaintance and I was happy to know that he participated in last London Olympics and was representing india in hammer throw …………………recent example of heema das also clarifies that somehow india is waking and mass communication like T.V , newspaper are playing very important role in it……………many platforms like khelo india are providing a strong base to the tomorrow champions……….so as much as we can aware people about the opportunities sports are providing we should do

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