Present situation of tourism sector in India:-

  • In the recent reports of 2017, India ranked first among the Top 10 Best countries to visit in the world with Scotland and Canada net in the list. Taj Mahal, City Palace, Qutb Minar, Gateway of India etc are some of the popular tourist places in India.  Indian subcontinent, rich with its vibrant culture and incredible heritage.
  • India earns approximately 15 lakh crore rupees annually in the tourism sector which seems to be growing rapidly with more and more people becoming aware of the rich Indian culture.
  • Shah Jahan’s creation – Taj Mahal was declared one of the seven wonders of the world for the year 2000-2007. This makes every citizen of India proud and helps in attracting a large chunk of the crowd towards India, contributing to the booming tourism sector.
  • Though India has great world recognition in the tourism sector, China with its advanced metro lines, clean roads, top class airports and developed technology, is way ahead in terms of its culture and heritage. On the other hand, India is also known for its poor air quality and lack of infrastructure.

Ways to improve tourism in India:-

  • With daily reports of physical abuse and harassment cases, India is not considered a country that offers security to the female society. Nirbhaya case went viral across every corner of the world due to which tourists find it less convincing to travel all the way to India and explore its heritage.
  • Being a developing country, we still are improving our transport facilities, advanced airports, cleaner and wider roads, infrastructural changes and economic stability. This could be a crucial setback for India hindering its tourism market.
  • Miserable air quality and the rising pollution makes the situation worse by not only setting a bad impression in front of our tourists, it is also destroying our popular heritage stations. Reports suggest that Taj Mahal which is made of white marble is seen to have become yellower and much pale than before. This shows the poor air quality index in Agra.
  • There is an immediate need for a more flexible visa policy in India. With our controversial relations with Jammu and Kashmir and even the North-east part barring the security issues, we are definitely loosing out on a lot of tourists. For visiting places like Nagaland, the tourist must have an additional PAP(Protected Area Permit) issued by the Indian Embassy.
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United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) recognises over 36 sites as World Heritage sites in India. This list includes Humayun’s tomb, Hampi monuments, Ajanta caves etc. We are blessed with natural beauty and we all must be grateful to be a part of such an incredible India. Our country has much more potential to excel in tourism sector than it has displayed till now. With proper government guidance and cooperation from society, we all can carve out a new future for India especially in the tourism sector.


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