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Affordable Healthcare in India

India is considered an attractive option by medical tourists due to the low costs and relatively high quality private sector hospitals. The government always regards healthcare as a primary objective in the five year plans and promotes awareness and the…
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#MeToo – GD Topic

What is #MeToo :-
  • ‘Me too’ phrase was first used in 2006 by Tarana Burke, a social activist to raise awareness on sexual assault. She chose this phrase because she regrets not saying ‘me too’, when a 13-year old told
Pnb scam
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How can banks prevent Nirav Modi-Like scams?

Background :-
  • Two employees of Punjab National Bank, the second largest public sector bank of India, tie up with Nirav Modi and issued LOUs(Letter of Undertaking) to overseas banks through SWIFT(Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), without noting this in
Cauvery river dispute
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Cauvery River Dispute

How the Cauvery River dispute has started :-
  • The sacred river of South India Cauvery, that rises in Coorg (Karnataka) and flows into the eastern ghats of Tamil Nadu. The Cauvery water dispute started in the year 1892 under British
tourism india
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How can tourism be improved?

Present situation of tourism sector in India:-
  • In the recent reports of 2017, India ranked first among the Top 10 Best countries to visit in the world with Scotland and Canada net in the list. Taj Mahal, City Palace, Qutb