Background :-

  • The intermingling and interaction of people across the world has been going on through international flow of money, exchange of ideas and culture, technological developments, internet facilities and economical resources. This invitation of international influences and changes is coined the term ‘Globalization’.
  • As globalization brings in a change, the social and cultural lives gets a little jumbled up. Globalization did not choose to spare India and has cast its effects on social, political, educational, cultural, environmental and economical divisions. As the rich Indian culture is also getting reformed little by little, this new formation has a good as well as a bad impact on the society.

 Yes :- 

  • Traditional wears are eventually getting dumped as western wears are taking over. This brings in a loss of the rich cultural tradition of wearing sarees or dhotis, which was a unique attire of our country.
  • The rural areas are affected the most because of globalization. People are so engrossed in adopting new cultures from different parts of the world that the country soil is getting ignored. Agriculture, being one of the major occupations of the Indians, is at stake in today’s world. Threats like introduction of GM crops, herbicide resistant crops etc. has cropped up, farms producing fertilizers and pesticides suffer because of imports from foreign countries, declining subsidies are increasing the cost of production and the government is willing to import food grains, sugar etc. on an increase in prices instead of paying the farmers adequately.
  • Just one glance at the art and music of today will tell us how the Indian culture has been disappearing and globalization has taken over. Hollywood has drawn in attention of the masses keeping the regional or bollywood at the shadows. Genres like pop music, hip hop, electronic music, remixes has stormed in keeping the classics, ghazals and melodies aside. Thus, it shows a clear indication of a threat to the Indian culture.
  • Joint families were the mainstream earlier which has now become extinct. This extinction also threats the culture. People nowadays prefer to stay in nuclear families, isolated from closed ones and hence, loosing human connectivity.
  • Big institutions and schools have taken up foreign languages like English, Spanish, French, German etc. for their students where English is the primal language. Regional language and the Hindi language come as a secondary. This is a crystal clear indication of how globalization is affecting the Indian culture.
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 No :- 

  • Urban areas are at par with the rest of the world because of globalization. Keeping a balance between the foreign influences and the cultural side is necessary in today’s world for the development of the country. People of our country are getting on the same page in the book of competition. Keeping the balance in mind, Indian culture may not be at a risk of depletion.
  • Indian languages and art are spreading worldwide as institutions welcome foreign students to pursue Indian languages and art forms, people of our country travel to different places on the globe to share and spread the Indian art and culture. These helps in boosting the Indian culture with the help of globalization.
  • Globalization also helps to spread the essence of festivals of our country worldwide. Foreign immigrants and tourists come to visit our country to experience the flavors of varied, glamorous festivals celebrated here which are one of a kind. This too marks the stability of Indian culture in the period of globalization.
  • Globalization brings in a lot of tourists from across the globe for the sole attraction of the Indian culture. This is a big profit for the tourism industry and they willingly make a full fledged effort to preserve the quality of Indian culture at its best.

Conclusion :- 

With the impact of globalization raging in, it invites foreign trades, exchange of revenues and international deals which might be inviting threat towards national peace and security in addition. Globalization must be allowed to pervade for the country’s progress keeping the culture and heritage intact. The balance has to be maintained not only by the government, but also by the people of the country.

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