Indian culture
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Is Globalization a threat to Indian Culture?

Background :-
  • The intermingling and interaction of people across the world has been going on through international flow of money, exchange of ideas and culture, technological developments, internet facilities and economical resources. This invitation of international influences and changes is
engineers in disaster management
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Role of engineers in disaster management

Theme :-
  • In the incidences of natural disasters, proper planning and mindful execution of technical support can reduce the substantial fall. With a strong engineer team, we can reduce the intensity of destruction and save thousands of lives.
Roles of…
Mba rat race
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Is MBA a rat race?

Background :-
  • The MBA degree, Master of Business Administration originated in the United States in the twentieth century and has been the current craze of students in the present years. As the course welcomes students from every stream of academic,
indian banking challenges
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Challenges to Indian Banking sector

Emerging challenges:-
  • Asset quality is under tremendous pressure due to continued economic slowdown and increase in the rise of the levels of Gross nonperforming advances and NPA’s.
  • One of the major problems is Large Over dues of farmers in small