• In a few countries, Covid-19 vaccination is mandatory. In India, it is voluntary. But some states are making vaccination indirectly mandatory by restricting access to public places for unvaccinated people. Amid Covid third wave in India due to omicron variant, several states are trying to achieve 100% vaccination.

Yes – COVID-19 vaccination should be made mandatory:

  • The third wave of covid-19 has begun in India. So, it is very important to vaccinate all the eligible population as soon as possible. A mandatory vaccination can help in achieving 100% vaccination.
  • If someone is unvaccinated, he/she can contract Covid-19 and hence can spread it to other people. So, even though individual rights should be respected, in the pandemic situation, community’s rights should be prioritized over individual rights.
  • Smallpox could be eradicated by making smallpox vaccination mandatory from the year 1965 to 1975.
  • Initially, India faced issues such as vaccine shortage, lack of availability of vaccines in remote places etc. But now after solving all these challenges, the main challenge now is to vaccinate those who do not want to be vaccinated. So, by enforcing legal measures such as compulsory vaccination, we can achieve 100% vaccination. The government can help them in dealing with their fears by keeping them for a longer time in vaccination centres while having a medical team by their side.
  • If the world did not achieve 100% vaccination, a lot of new variants will be created. So, it is important to vaccinate all to reduce the possibility of new strains.
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No – COVID-19 vaccination should not be made mandatory:

  • Many people are not taking vaccination due to the rumours that are being spread by anti-vaxxers using social media. Taking action against these rumour creators is much better in improving the vaccination rate rather than enforcing compulsory vaccination.
  • Widespread awareness campaigns by involving local people can help in overcoming vaccine hesitancy. Innovative and creative advertisements can encourage people to take the vaccination. These methods will be much more effective than legal measures.


Achieving 100% vaccination is important to reduce the number of severe cases of hospitalization and deaths. Widespread awareness campaigns and incentives help in overcoming vaccine hesitancy. Moreover, there is a need to take strict action against anti-vaxxers campaigns. These steps can help in achieving 100% vaccination.

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