Challenges :-

  • Lack of infrastructure.
  • Lack of encouragement.
  • Lack of Sports schools, especially in rural areas.
  • Lack of sporting culture.
  • Politics in National Sports Federations.
  • Insufficient funds.
  • Lack of incentives to sports persons.
  • Low salaries of Sport Coaches and staff in sports field.
  • Malnutrition in nearly 20 crore children in India. This is one of the big challenges, because for sports, physical as well as mental strength is must.
  • Becoming a sports person is expensive for poor and lower middle class because it requires costly sports equipment and years of dedicated hard work.
  • India doesn’t have a proper system to spot and develop sports talent in children as well as in young people.
  • If a sports person fails in his sport, she/he has struggle to make living in India. In most of the other countries, this will not happen.
  • In India, employment opportunities in the sports field is very much less, when compared globally.
  • As it’s difficult to succeed in making sports as career in India, most of the parents are not encouraging children in the sports field.
  • Until recently India concentrated only on cricket. Now, a few more sports got attention. But still there are more sports, which need media coverage and publicity.
  • Indian education system only concentrates on studies, but not on sports.

What India is doing :-

  • ‘Sports Authority of India’ is supporting local talent. But is is not upto the mark.
  • Sports quota in Government jobs to encourage sports persons.
  • Indian Government gives cash prizes and awards to the winners of national and international sport events.
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What still needs to be done :-

  • Sports persons should be supported from the training stage.
  • Sports schools should be setup.
  • Sports should be a part of our education system.
  • Sports scholarships needs to be given to the students that have sports talent.
  • Underdeveloped Indian sports should be commercialized.
  • India should also focus on the games played worldwide.
  • More and more international sports events should be hosted in India to encourage and inspire Indian youth towards sports.

Background :-

  • ‘Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports’ takes care of Sports affairs in India.
  • ‘National Sport Federations’ for different sports, together manages Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports.
  • ‘Sports Authority of India’ was setup in 1984 to broadcast and to bring excellence in sports. It supports and nurtures sports talent in youth.
  • ‘Ministry of youth affairs & sports’ gives annual sports awards like ‘Arjuna award’, ‘Rajiv Khel Ratna award’ for the excellence in sports.
  • India hosted and co-hosted several international sports events.
  • Till recently only cricket was emphasized in India. But now several other sports got attention and support by Prokabaddi League, Indian Badminton League, Indian Super League etc.
  • Globally, sports is one of the largest industries. In India, it is in the path to become one.
  • Generally, Countries with high GDP (Gross Domestic Product) tend to spend more time on sports and games, because of high quality of life and more free time.
  • Sports is a major contributor to GDPs to most of the developed and developing countries.
  • As India has more no of young people, there is more potential to utilize sports talent in youth and to become one of the sports superpowers.
  • The rise of social media affected sports positively. These days, several sports got well-deserved attention.
  • Sports filed is increasingly attracting corporate investments through CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).
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Situation in other countries :-

  • China has systematic sports schools both in urban and rural areas. China invests heavily in the sports sector.
  • In USA, National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) supports sports talent in students.

Conclusion :- 

The present situation of sports is definitely better than before with the introduction of leagues for neglected sports. We are on a good path. But still, there is much to be done to produce more world class athletes and to inspire future generations to take sports as a career. Thereby the fast growing sports industry will create more job opportunities too.

Afterwords :- Did we miss any point? Please let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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