What is Binge-watching:

  • Binge watching refers to watching many episodes or movies in one sitting. This is a common form of entertainment in the present times.

Points to speak on the topic – ‘Binge-watching’:

  • Even though watching TV for a prolonged time span is not a new thing, the rise of OTT platforms made many people binge-watch series and movies. Before the era of OTT platforms, people used to wait for another episode for a day or week, but now as the entire series is released at a time, many people are watching all the episodes in one sitting.
  • Motives to binge-watch are different for different people. Some people watch it for entertainment, some others watch it to overcome the feeling of loneliness. There are several other reasons such as fear of missing out (FOMO), to relax, lack of other entertainment options etc. Not everyone who is binge-watching is addicted to it.
  • Many people watch movies and series with their friends or family members. So, it can also help in improving relationships.
  • But the problem arises when we are addicted to binge-watching. Even if we want to limit the time we are watching TV, we find it very difficult to do so because addictions are hard to overcome. Moreover, we can watch this content anywhere at any time using a different types of devices such as smartphones, and tabs. Hence, it is very difficult to quit binge-watching addiction.
  • The covid pandemic forced everyone to stay at home. That limited the entertainment options and increased the chances of binge-watching addiction.
  • Frequent binge-watching can cause physical and mental health issues such as eye problems, sleep issues, anxiety issues etc. It can also encourage binge-eating and a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Binge-watching is not bad in all cases. But binge-watching frequently is bad because of the negative effects on health, career and relationships.
  • Having other entertainment options such as spending time with friends, playing games and pursuing hobbies can prevent us from getting addicted to binge-watching TV.
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It’s not a problem when we watch TV for entertainment without getting addicted. Moreover, it helps many people from overcoming loneliness. But when we get addicted to binge-watching series and movies, we may have to suffer from negative consequences such as physical and mental health issues. Having other entertainment options such as spending time with friends, playing games and pursuing hobbies can prevent us from getting addicted to binge-watching TV.

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  • AADITYA CHAUHAN, Aug 7, 2022 @ 12:59 pm Reply

    Binge watching is not just a result of addiction but many youths watch them to motivate and to feel more enthusiasm in their respective fields of dream possession as well as profession
    With the help of movies or episodes related to some real life actions and examples which relates to their dreams………….. although it is my own reason as well to binge watching

  • nidhi, Aug 2, 2022 @ 2:33 pm Reply

    binge watching means where a person watch all the episods of any drama in one go. The reason could be behind binge watching is that people dont have patience to wait for a day to watch the next episod because they like that particualr drama so it creates a humuor and suspense and they wanna know what next now.however it is very menacing.The consequemces of binge watching are very menacing.Ealier few of the houses used to have tv and there used not to have good server and signals.and people used to spend time either with frends,family or relatives.Binge watching leads to emerge various health issues like eyes redness,headache,lazziness etc we should avoid tv ,mobiles,tabs lappy or any other electronic gadgtes as much as we can

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