Impact of Social Networking on our lives :-

  • Social networking is imbibed in our lives so much that this generation cannot imagine their lives without Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
  • Social networking sites changed our lives drastically that its impact cannot be ignored.
  • Positive impact :-

    • Communication has become a lot easier. We can now easily communicate and maintain relationships with people from any part of the world.
    • Social networking sites brought governance closer to people. Political leaders and govt officials are also using social network sites to interact with citizens.
    • Finding a job is never been this easier. One can buildup her/his profile online, apply for jobs and can attract the job opportunities.
    • Healthy competition of businesses. Social media acts as a level playing field for businesses to market themselves. People can now easily market their products.
    • Now people can express their opinions and can share their experiences easily.
    • Social media makes people aware of the happenings around the world.
    • It has become easier to help people in need. Whether it’s a medical emergency or a natural calamity, people are forming groups and offering help.
    • Good also spread easily. Many are now donating used items to less fortunate.
    • We are meeting like-minded people.
  • Negative impact :-

    • Social networking sites put pressure on its users to exhibit their lives as happier and different than the rest. This may stress and anxiety.
    • There is also a pressure to look more fit and beautiful. Though it’s good to some extent, it is causing unbearable stress especially among youth.
    • These sites are very distracting in nature.
    • Students are getting addicted to social media leaving their studies behind.
    • Cyber bullying and threats from strangers have increased.
    • Many are now preferring virtual communication over real conversations.
    • Some youth are getting attracted to risky trends like selfies at dangerous places.
    • Anonymity can ruin lives sometimes. People write hate and offensive comments without revealing their true identity.
    • These days fake news is going viral giving misinformation to public.
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Conclusion :-

We cannot disagree with the fact that social networking sites made our lives much easier than before. Though there is some negative impact, we can mitigate it with improved awareness. We should utilize social networking sites and should not let it control our lives.

Afterwords :- Did we miss any point? What are your views on social networking? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

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