Points to speak on ‘No one wins in a war’:

  • The Russia-Ukraine war took the lives of so many innocent people in Ukraine. Many Russian soldiers too lost their lives. United States, European Union and several other countries imposed sanctions on Russia, which can impact Russia’s economy negatively and hence can affect the Russian citizens. So, there are no winners.
  • The quote – “No one wins in a war” was said by Neville Chamberlain, a British politician. There are a few other similar quotes – “No one won the last war, and no one will win the next war.” (said by Eleanor Roosevelt), “The war will be ended by the exhaustion of nations rather than the victories of armies.” (said by Winston Churchill).
  • First world war killed approximately 4 crore people. The second world war killed approximately 8 crore people, which is about 3% of the world’s population at that time. Several war crimes were also committed.
  • In the present world, several countries possess weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons, chemical weapons etc., which can take lakhs of lives.
  • Wars destroy homes, break families. Wars can make several thousand if not lakhs of people migrate to other countries in search of safety. They will become refugees and have to start their lives all over.
  • Wars affect not just humans but also wildlife. The habitats of animals and birds will be destroyed and they are forced to migrate in search of food and safety.
  • It takes several months or years to rebuild the cities after the war, which can take a toll on the country’s economy.
  • Land, for which the wars happen usually can become an unproductive wasteland with the use of bombs and missiles.
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No one wins in a war, which is evident in the situation of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. There is always a possibility of peace. It is very important to choose peace, especially in the present times as several countries possess weapons of mass destruction.

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  • Priya shaw, Nov 26, 2022 @ 10:16 pm Reply

    According to me war ,only catches the life of the innocent persons. There would be a team who wins the war .Did it really wins because if he thought that I had achieved everything by defeating him or her then he is wrong. Since no one can be happy .By killing or by taking another’s life except monsters. If he is satisfied with it then he is great monster.

  • Sachin Chandra, Jun 11, 2022 @ 10:27 am Reply

    War never determines what’s right, rather what it determines is that who is left…
    Politicians wage war for their gain but the people suffer…here in Russian case the issue was that of NATO’s expansion towards eastern Europe…which is a “threat” to Russian sovereignty and integrity, Russia in a bid to protect it’s border and deter other nations to join NATO waged a war against Ukaraine…now if we give it a neutral thought if idea is to prevent war then why do we require a “North Atlantic Treaty Organization” ? Again if NATO is justified then on what ground was the Warsaw pact unjustified this was an hypocritical act fueled by geopolitical hatred…simply putting things together what Russia did to the Ukrainian public is heinous but then if we flip the coin to other side can we even justify NATO’s mere exisistence??? Do we, the humanity of 21st century need NATOs, Warsaw Pacts etc…or what we need is a sincere approach towards world peace fighting against terrorism, hunger, poverty, diseases, climate change and the endless list of humanitarian crises…

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