What is peer pressure:

  • Peers are people who belong to the same age group or same social group.
  • Peer pressure means the influence the social group has on people. It is the pressure to do the same things as the others of their age. For example, teenagers often choose clothing styles that are similar to their friends.

Points to speak:

  • People of all ages experience peer pressure. But some age groups are more influenced by peers. Kids and adolescents are more likely to feel peer pressure more than adults because in general with age people learn to handle it.
  • Peer pressure can influence people to do things, which may or may not be right. For example, peer pressure forces students to study well and also to try drinking and smoking. It can also influence teenagers to spend lavishly to look fashionable. Even if some people do not want to get influenced by peer pressure, they may eventually get influenced by it to avoid feeling left out.
  • Peer pressure can influence teens to try wrong things and hence teens are more prone to addictions such as drinking alcohol, smoking and drug abuse.
  • Parents can guide their children about peer pressure so that children can understand what they are going through and how to deal with it well. People with high self-esteem will less likely to take wrong steps to impress others. So, parents must take steps to improve self-esteem in their kids.
  • Even adults experience peer pressure, especially in the issues of marital life, career and success. Even senior citizens experience peer pressure in the issues of their children’s and grandchildren’s success. But many will learn with age that everyone’s life is different and comparisons are just a waste of time.
  • Peer pressure can encourage unhealthy competition too. Now, with the rise of social media, there are more chances of falling victim to peer pressure. But it depends on how we take it. Social media and peer pressure together can motivate people to follow a healthy lifestyle.
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Peer pressure can motivate us to do things to impress our peers. It can influence us to take right or wrong steps. High self-esteem can save us from taking wrong steps to impress our peers. Moreover, parents should guide their children on the good and bad sides of peer pressure, so that they learn to handle that well.

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