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  • The phrase – ‘Ignorance is bliss’ originated in a poem written by Thomas Gray in the year 1742.
  • When we don’t know about problems or sad incidents, we stay happy. These days, 24/7 news channels broadcast each and every happening in the world. And most of the news contains tragedies and crimes. By watching these things, many people are feeling sad and are having sleepless nights. So, in this case, ignorance is bliss. It helps us to sleep peacefully.
  • By being ignorant of the happenings around the world, we can spend our energy and time on our loved ones. We can make them happy while we stay happy. Knowledge may prevent this from happening because once we know something, it is impossible to unknow. Moreover, it is very difficult to forget if the incident is too tragic.
  • The phrase can be proved by witnessing the happiness of children. They don’t know the responsibilities and problems of adults, so they are playful and happy in their own world.
  • But sometimes, ignorance is dangerous. It may help us to be happy temporarily, but after a while, we may face problems for being ignorant. For example, by knowing about the situation of Covid in our country and area, we can take precautions to avoid contracting the virus. Sometimes, by knowing about crimes, we can take steps to protect ourselves. So, knowledge is power in many cases.
  • Ignorance may also create self-esteem issues. In social situations, in general, people look down upon ignorant people. So, to avoid embarrassment, many keep an eye on the latest happenings.
  • Some people take advantage of ignorant people. So, knowledge is important.
  • Knowledge enables us to take things into our hands so that we can take steps to set things right. For example, by knowing about climate change, we can change our habits to bring change.
  • Some things are better not to be known, but some things must be known. If we know which things to know and which things to not know, we can maintain our happiness while acquiring knowledge.
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Sometimes ignorance is bliss, but sometimes it is not. Especially in this modern world, where sad news dominates the headlines, it is best to not know everything to keep our sanity. If we know which things to know and which things to not know, we can maintain our happiness while acquiring knowledge. Knowledge is power. It helps us to take control of our lives and to make our situation better.

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