Here are some ideas to speak on the ‘Pink’ GD Topic.

  • When we think of Pink, the first thing that comes to our mind is that this colour is associated with girls. Pink is associated with femininity and beauty since the 1950s approximately. Before the 1950s, Pink was associated with boys as it is a stronger colour, and blue is associated with girls as it is a delicate colour. But later the switch took place.
  • There is a lot of criticism on associating the colour pink with women. It is like gender stereotyping as pink is associated with calmness and giving care.
  • It is believed that the switch happened when Nazis forced gay men to wear pink badges. Form that time, the pink colour is perceived as non-masculine colour. Now, the LGBT+ community associate themselves with pink colour with pride.
  • And the consequence of all these things is that Pink is used as a symbolic colour for women and the LGBT+ community.
  • Brands that target women consumers use pink colour to attract women. Many fashion brands do that. And some even made their logos in pink colour.
  • The pink ribbon is used to symbolise breast cancer awareness. This colour is chosen to convey the empowerment of women.
  • Pink derived its name from the flower ‘Pinks’. It is also called a rose in some places, because of rose flowers.
  • Pink is seen as a childish colour. For example, in-office meetings pink colour is avoided to create seriousness in the area.
  • In one experiment, prison cells are painted with pink colour to calm down violent prisoners. It worked and this experiment is done in different prisons with different shades of pink. One shade of Pink – ‘Baker-Miller Pink’ had a calming effect on prisoners.
  • There are some idioms with the word pink. For example, a Pink slip means firing someone from a job. In the pink means having good health.
  • According to one research, almost 80% of the older people both men and women told that their favourite colour is Pink. However, for most of them, their favourite colour was different when they were younger.
  • According to colour psychology, pink is a sign of hope.
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