Hydrogen vehicles – Pros:

  • Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles do not emit greenhouse gases. This helps to fight climate change. As many countries are opting for energy transition, clean hydrogen fuel vehicles along with other alternative fuel vehicles can pave the way to sustainable transportation.
  • As these vehicles do not emit greenhouse gases such as Carbon dioxide, they can cut air pollution to a great extent.
  • Hydrogen vehicles are much quieter than fossil fuel-based vehicles. So, they can reduce noise pollution too.
  • The prices of fossil fuels are increasing continuously. So, if more hydrogen vehicles come into the market, the price of fossil fuels may reduce.
  • Hydrogen vehicles have fast charging times when compared with electric vehicles.

Hydrogen vehicles – Cons:

  • If the hydrogen fuel escapes into the air, it can increase global warming.
  • If the production of hydrogen fuel uses fossil fuels, that can be counterproductive. So, using renewable energy to produce hydrogen fuel is important.
  • Hydrogen is flammable and can cause fires or explosions. So, it is not completely safe yet.
  • Infrastructure to refill the hydrogen fuel is still in the initial stages. So, refilling can become a challenge.


Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles along with other alternative fuel vehicles can help in energy transition. Clean fuel technologies are the future of transport as they can help in our fight against climate change.

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