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  • As the population is continuously increasing, there is a growing need for housing, which is resulting in the cutting of trees.
  • Agriculture is also another reason for deforestation. Agriculture was started approximately 12,000 years ago. Since then, humans have cleared nearly 5.8 trillion trees.
  • Industrialization further decreased the number of trees.
  • Mining is also one of the reasons for deforestation.
  • Infrastructure such as roads, buildings are also eliminating greenery.
  • Growing energy requirements led to the clearing up of large tracts of land for solar energy, wind energy and other power plants.
  • Increasing forest fires are causing even more loss of forest cover.
  • Decreasing air moisture due to climate change is causing declining plant growth.


Earth is losing its greenery due to many factors including an increasing number of houses and agriculture. We need to take steps to increase forest cover to restore nature. There is a need to balance the development and restoration of the environment.

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  • Sumit Kumar, Sep 17, 2021 @ 10:27 am Reply

    yes of course it won’t be wrong to say that Earth is losing its greenery due to many factors such as increasing houses and agriculture. so we need to take steps like we are going to start growing plants around us and save the our forest which we have. apply some rules which we have in indian construction for those people who cut the trees. As we need to save water as well as save the our forest so that Earth has to keep maintain own greenery.

    Thank you..

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