• While working in teams, employees can help each other with work, which reduces stress.
  • Teamwork teaches to mingle with people. We can learn to understand others’ points of view and also can learn to compromise.
  • Through knowledge-sharing, we can improve our skills.
  • Working in teams can be fun.
  • Learning will be faster because of learning with a team.
  • Even when you don’t feel like working, teammates will motivate you to work.


  • There is a probability that some employees in the team do all the work while some do not contribute much. This results in dissatisfaction.
  • We may have to compromise in the way we approach the work.
  • There is a risk of conflicts.

Individual work:


  • We can get complete recognition for the effort we put.
  • Our skills will be finessed because there will be no one to rely on and we have to learn everything.
  • We can approach the work as per our liking.
  • We can learn to motivate ourselves. This improves self-discipline.


  • When we can’t finish the work or can’t understand the task at hand, there will be so much stress because we are solely responsible for finishing the work.
  • We have to motivate ourselves all the time, which is very difficult for many.
  • Sometimes it can be lonely and depressing.


Teamwork has its own advantages and disadvantages, so does working independently. Which is more productive completely depends on the person, some people prefer working independently whereas some others are much comfortable working in teams.

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