What is ‘Green economy’:

  • A green economy aims at development without causing a negative impact on the environment.

Points to speak on ‘Green economy’:

  • The present economy encourages people to buy more things. Rising materialism is depleting natural resources, causing a negative impact on the environment. The green economy is an alternate economic model, which focuses on conscious consumption, promotes reusing, repairing and recycling things.
  • It is based on five principles.
    • Wellbeing principle – The green economy is people-centered. It promotes environment-friendly lifestyles, decent livelihoods and overall wellbeing of people.
    • The justice principle – Green economy ensures development for the present generation as well as for the future generations. Moreover, it ensures that everyone has equitable opportunities, and as a result, income disparities will reduce.
    • The Planetary Boundaries Principle – It promotes protecting and restoring the natural resources.
    • The Efficiency and Sufficiency Principle It encourages people to limit consumption of natural resources to sustainable levels. It promotes eco-innovation.
    • The Good Governance Principle It ensures that leaders make policy decisions with the consent of public and without the involvement of vested interests.
  • A green economy promotes sustainable development by promoting several things such as a circular economy, low carbon emissions industries, bioeconomy, clean energy transportation etc. It has the potential to slow down climate change.


The green economy paves the way toward sustainable development and ensures the availability of natural resources for future generations. All the countries should implement policies to shift the economic model towards green economy.

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  • Kashish, Oct 6, 2022 @ 4:26 pm Reply

    Good morning everyone, I would like to start the GD by saying that it’s our responsibility to maintain the place where where we live for ourself and for future generations also. Currently, as we see there are many things on which we blame our past generation so we should not repeat that again.
    Apart from this, Firstly we need to understand the fact that why is it necessary for us for this we have to take some imp. Steps.. we need to make less use of the things which emits carbon monoxide, we can use clothy bags instead of plastic ones.

  • Monisha Das, Jul 3, 2022 @ 10:22 pm Reply

    The green economy is one of the powerful topics and phenom nowadays. We just need to make it effective and eco-friendly for our world. Climate change hurts our survival; so it is high time we needed to apply it thoroughly.

  • Jeet, Jun 30, 2022 @ 8:26 am Reply

    Where is the topic’s pdf section ? Is it available or not ?

    • Team GD Ideas, Jun 30, 2022 @ 11:21 am Reply

      We restored the pdf button just now, Jeet.

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