What is Noise pollution:

  • Noise pollution is unwanted sounds that cause negative effects on humans and animals.

Causes of Noise pollution:

  • Increasing use of transportation facilities is resulting in traffic noise. Unnecessary honking is adding more noise.
  • Construction of buildings is increasing at a rapid rate due to the high demand for homes and offices. Constructions can cause so much noise.
  • Factories, where goods are manufactured also cause loud sounds.
  • Weddings or any other events that use loud music can contribute to noise pollution.
  • Some people play loud music in their homes, which can become noise pollution for their neighbours.
  • Some household appliances such as vacuum cleaners, mixer grinders can cause loud sounds.

Effects of Noise pollution:

  • Loud sounds can cause hearing loss.
  • It can also cause heart problems and high blood pressure.
  • Noise pollution can scare animals. They may flee from their habitats thinking that there is a danger.
  • Frequent loud noises can cause anxiety issues. Moreover, it can increase stress too.
  • Hearing unwanted sounds continuously can cause sleep disorders.
  • Noise pollution can disturb studies and work, and hence reduces productivity.
  • The loss of productive work hours and treatment of health issues can cause financial issues. It is not good for the country’s economy either.

What needs to be done:

  • Strict laws should be drafted to prevent noise pollution near hospitals and schools because children and patients are more vulnerable.
  • Vehicles should be maintained well to prevent loud noises.
  • Manufacturing appliances that cause low sound while running can reduce household noise pollution. Moreover, making them affordable is also important to encourage the use of quiet appliances.
  • Trees absorb sounds. So, planting more trees can not only help the environment but also can reduce noise pollution.
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There are several causes for noise pollution such as vehicular sounds, constructions, manufacturing, household appliances etc. Noise pollution can affect our health negatively. So, we need to take steps to reduce unnecessary and unwanted sounds.

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  • Muskan, Jun 9, 2022 @ 3:44 pm Reply

    Well done keep going.. that’all information is too good for a student thank you so much for this information and it’s so useful for me thanks 😊

  • Nikki, Mar 20, 2022 @ 10:04 am Reply

    Yes noice pollution is not good for human and animals because it’s distracted us it was a while ago when I came from my college and that in front of my house JCB was running because of the pipe is constructed in underground road so due to this I was getting bothered so I took my college bag and started my Scotty and went to garden for relaxing

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