• Until recently, traditional 9 to 5 jobs are the popular form of employment. But COVID pandemic changed the way we work. Now, alternative work arrangements such as work from home, gig work are becoming increasingly popular.

Points to speak on the topic – ‘Alternative work arrangements:

  • Work arrangements that are alternative to 9 to 5 work-week come under alternative work arrangements.
  • There are several types of alternative works. A good example is a work from home option, which is now popular. Some other types of arrangements are – part-time (reduced number of hours per day), hybrid work (work partly from office, partly from a remote location), flexible work hours (we have to stay for a certain number of hours, but we can choose the starting and quitting times), compressed work week (work hours will be increased per day to reduce the number of workdays per week – four-day workweek, three-day workweek etc.).
  • People, who have other responsibilities such as taking care of elderly or young children, working on side hustle etc. can go for alternative work arrangements to integrate work schedules easily into their busy lives.
  • This is a win-win situation for both employee and employer. Because employees face less stress and more job satisfaction and as a result, they take fewer leaves, which is quite beneficial for employers. Moreover, employers have to pay fewer benefits to the employees when compared with traditional employment setup.
  • But in general, for some of the alternative work arrangements such as work from home, hybrid work, it is difficult to focus on work because of lack of work atmosphere. Some employees even feel isolated. Many employees with inflexible work schedules tend to procrastinate work.
  • In alternative work arrangements, more meetings may be required to communicate properly and also to create a sense of community.
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Not everyone can fit traditional 9 to 5 workweek into their lives. So, alternative work arrangements such as flexible work schedules will be very beneficial for them. Due to the Covid pandemic, several types of alternative work arrangements such as work from home, gig work are now the new normal.

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