Well-being is different from the traditionally used term “health”. Well-being includes physical vitality, mental alacrity, social satisfaction, a sense of accomplishment, and personal fulfillment. On account of this, we can judge the effect of videos games based on these factors.

Every coin has 2 sides. Let’s take a look at them and then arrive at a conclusion:

Pros :-

  1. Videos games have been proven to improve smartness, cognitive abilities, judgment, ability to handle stress, hand-eye coordination, multi-tasking abilities, planning and organizing, effective intelligence, etc.
  2. They also prepare individuals to tackle real-world scenarios mentally.

Cons :-

  1. Video games are usually attributed to an increase in violent behavior amongst individuals. Violent action games make players more aggressive and restless.
  2. Addiction to video games has been on the rise lately, with players even playing for more than 16 hours at a stretch.
  3. Video games also develop anti-social tendencies amongst the players. Gamers tend to stay detached from society.
  4. Excessive gaming also leads to a decrease in physical strength, coordination, stamina, skills, etc. In the long run, this may lead to obesity.
  5. They also give a false sense of accomplishment to the gamers. This ruins their rewards system in the real world and often leads to frustration.

Conclusion :-

In light of the above discussion, it can be seen that playing video games is not bad in and of itself, but the addiction to them is not good for our well-being. Therefore, moderation is the key to reaping all its benefits without compromising our well being. It should be treated as a healthy part of life and not life itself.

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