Private job:

Pros of Private job:

  • Private employees will be recognized for their hard work. Companies like to have employees who put effort and work hard. So, there will be incentives and promotions in return for hard work.
  • If we do not like the job, we can easily quit and join another job as per our requirement. It is very difficult to switch from one government job to another.
  • There will be ample opportunities for career growth.

Cons of Private job:

  • In most cases, private employees can be removed from the job in an instant without prior notice.
  • Some companies make their employees work like slaves. That results in not having enough time for personal lives.

Government job:

Pros of a Government job:

  • It is not that easy to remove a government employee from his/her job. So, comparatively government job offers more job security.
  • For most of the government jobs, there will be fixed timings. That gives employees enough time for personal life.
  • Apart from salary, there are many other benefits like maternity leaves, child care allowances etc. for government employees.
  • People give respect to government employees much more than private employees. This is true, especially in India.
  • Government job holders get increments continuously even if they do not work hard.

Cons of a Government job:

  • Many government employees feel that they are not getting enough recognition for their hard work.
  • people think that a government job is easy and there will be no much work, but in reality, a government job is no less than a private job in assigning demanding work.
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Both Private and government jobs have their own advantages and disadvantages. Some people are comfortable with the job security provided by government jobs and some others like the recognition provided by private jobs.

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