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  • Happy employees can focus on work, while unhappy employees cannot focus much on work. Unhappy employees may work just because they have to.
  • Happy employees have better mental health, which means better physical health. That results in fewer leaves and more work.
  • Happy employees spread happiness because happiness is contagious. That means happy employees create a happy atmosphere at the company which can result in positive vibes and hence more productivity.
  • Research by a team at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School revealed that happy employees not only worked faster but their productivity is higher than unhappy people.
  • Happy employees tend to be more innovative. So, they can solve the issues more easily than unhappy employees.
  • Happy employees speak with customers with more enthusiasm, which results in happy customers. When a company make their customers happy, it can be considered as successful.
  • Happy employees stay with the company for a long time, whereas unhappy employees will most probably leave the company when they get another opportunity.
  • Many companies do so much to keep their employees happy. Some companies take their employees on trips. Some companies give bonuses etc.


Happy employees do a better job. So, it’s important to keep employees happy to make them stay with the company for a long time and also to make the company a success.

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