GD topics on current affairs (with answers)


Current affairs gd topics are the most asked topics in group discussions. Here are the best gd topics on current affairs.

  1. Should Gorkhaland be given separate state status?
  2. How to reduce NPA?
  3. Merger of PSU banks – Is it really necessary?
  4. ‘Digital India’ – How far was it a success?
  5. Is India becoming intolerant?
  6. Is GST beneficial for the common man?
  7. Should Triple Talaq be abolished?
  8. Privatization of ‘Air India’ – Good or Bad?
  9. One Belt One Road – Impact on India
  10. Can ‘One Belt One Road’ improve developing world?
  11. Loan waiver for farmers – Good or Bad?
  12. Should Paper ballot system be restored?
  13. Why is Norway the world’s happiest country?
  14. Why are many startups failing in India?
  15. Should the Internet be censored?
  16. Why is India unhappy?
  17. Banks levying charges on cash transactions – Is it a good move?
  18. SBI merger with associate banks – Good or Bad?
  19. Cap on wedding expenditure – Is it fair?
  20. Impact of Demonetization on Indian Economy
  21. Ever growing air pollution levels – Where does the problem lie?
  22. Donald Trump’s presidency – Impact on India
  23. Farmer Suicides in India – What needs to be done?
  24. Tightening H-1B visa rules – Is it Fair?
  25. Has democracy hampered India’s progress?
  26. Union Budget 2017-18 – Is it beneficial for the common man?
  27. Is Nationalism taking over Globalism?
  28. Can Temples have Gender-Specific rules?
  29. How can we deal with increasing Cyber Crimes?
  30. Will GST be a success?
  31. Why is molestation prevalent in India?
  32. Is it time to replace Mahatma Gandhi’s picture on Indian currency notes?
  33. Can India turn ‘Brain Drain’ into ‘Brain Gain’?
  34. Union Budget just before Assembly Elections – Is it a Fair Move?
  35. Technology changing the face of education
  36. Unique identification number for every Indian
  37. Is it really worth to become a cashless economy?
  38. Social networking in our lives
  39. Role of digitization in banking
  40. Is India ready to be a Cashless Economy?
  41. National Anthem in Theatres – Is it a good move?
  42. Donald Trump Presidency – Impact on the world
  43. India’s fight against ‘Black Money’
  44. Is India prepared enough to handle cyber attack?
  45. Demonetization of old 500 & 1000 rupees notes – Is it a good move?
  46. Should Chinese products be banned in India?
  47. Free WiFi Spots – Beneficial or not?
  48. Student Suicides – What are the deep rooted problems?
  49. Will E-commerce dominate physical stores?
  50. Can India get into NSG?
  51. Should India be given a permanent seat in UNSC ?
  52. Does UNSC need to be reformed?
  53. Is Technology rising Unemployment rates?
  54. Should AFSPA be repealed?
  55. Future of Sports in India
  56. Is Reservation for women justified?
  57. Does Censor Board need to be reformed?
  58. Is IPL a boon or bane for Indian cricket?
  59. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan – How far was it successful?
  60. Alcohol Ban in India – Pros and Cons
  61. Should attendance be made compulsory for students?
  62. Should betting and gambling be legalized in India?
  63. Is a relook needed in the caste reservation system?
  64. Smart cities in India – Is it a smart move?
  65. Should Jallikattu remain banned?
  66. Net neutrality
  67. Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) Scheme – Pros and Cons
  68. Does India need smaller states?
  69. Women’s Reservation Bill
  70. Lokpal Bill
  71. Should Homosexuality be legalized?
  72. NOTA – Is it a good step?
  73. Women Empowerment in India
  74. Present Education System in India
  75. Role of NGOs in India
  76. Is FDI good for India?
  77. Social networking sites – Boon or Bane?
  78. Genetically modified products – Boon or bane?
  79. How to deal with international terrorism?
  80. Are Big Dams Necessary?
  81. Is China a threat to Indian software industry?
  82. Brain-Drain has to be stopped
  83. Is Globalization Really Necessary?

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