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Does Nepotism exist in Bollywood?

Background :-
  • Bollywood or the Indian film industry based in Mumbai, Maharashtra is the huge entertainment industry with over millions of viewers. A lot of fandom comes along with such a massive count of viewers. Along with fandom, controversies among
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The key to India’s prosperity is Agriculture

Background :-
  • India is the2nd largest country with arable land ( 3 percent of land is agriculture land) after USA.
  • India has variety of climates and ecological factor to support the growth of various crops.
Importance of Agriculture for India’s…
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Indiscriminate Tourism will lead to environmental damage

In Favor :-
  • Tourism puts pressure on natural resources of the place like water, food supply, beaches and coral reeves.
  • Due to increased effort on providing good facilities to tourists, it has increased a pressure on many other resources such
Cauvery river dispute
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Cauvery River Dispute

How the Cauvery River dispute has started :-
  • The sacred river of South India Cauvery, that rises in Coorg (Karnataka) and flows into the eastern ghats of Tamil Nadu. The Cauvery water dispute started in the year 1892 under British
One rank one pension
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One Rank One Pension – Advantages and Disadvantages

What is One Rank One Pension :-
  • One Rank One Pension means ‘Retired soldier of the same rank and have same length of service will receive same pension irrespective of their date of retirement’.
  • Indra Gandhi led congress government in