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Privatization will lead to less corruption.

  Background :-
  • Privatization is the process of transferring ownership of a business, enterprise, agency or public service from the public sector to the private sector.
In Favor :-
  • Employees of private companies are given high salaries, so they are
Foreign channels destroying culture
General GD Topics

Are Foreign television channels destroying our culture?

In Favor:-
  • Now-a-days people can’t able to talk pure mother tongue because they are watching foreign TV channels most of the time.
  • These channels have adverse effect on institution of marriage.
  • Many people try to imitate the trends which are
General GD Topics

Are Advertisements Beneficial or not?

Theme :-
  • In this topic, we can discuss the impact of advertisements for public and businesses. Along with the benefits, we need to discuss the dark side of advertisements too.
Advertisements are beneficial :-
  • Advertisements benefits both the seller and