Indian education system
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Exam paper leaks – How to restore trust in the Indian education system?

Theme :-
  • In March 2018, exam papers of CBSE class X Maths and Class XII Economics leaked an hour before the exams and was shared on whatsapp.
  • This incident created debates on the Indian education system, loopholes in the examination
Sc st act
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Theme :-
  • On March 20th 2018, Supreme court laid down safeguards against the misuse of SC/ST Act.  As per the order, in atrocities cases, preliminary enquiry by DSP is mandatory before arresting the accused. Supreme Court came to this decision
Us china trade war
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US-China Trade war – Impact on USA, China & other countries

How US-China Trade War has started :-
  • United States has increased tariffs on its Chinese imports – steel and aluminium. It is one of the Donald Trump’s presidential election promises. Trump explained that country’s military should not be dependent on
Indian movies and women
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Portrayal of women in Indian cinema

  • Movies reflect society. When we see movies of a particular time, we get to know the society at that time.  Movies have a stake in social change as well. During the Indian freedom struggle, movies did their bit to
Pnb scam
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How can banks prevent Nirav Modi-Like scams?

Background :-
  • Two employees of Punjab National Bank, the second largest public sector bank of India, tie up with Nirav Modi and issued LOUs(Letter of Undertaking) to overseas banks through SWIFT(Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication), without noting this in