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Can India turn ‘Brain Drain’ into ‘Brain Gain’?

Theme :-
  • 9th January is celebrated as ‘Pravas Bharatiya Diwas’ every year.
What is Brain Drain :-
  • ‘Brain Drain‘ is the Nation’s loss of highly skilled professionals through emigration to developed countries.
What is Brain Gain :-
  • ‘Brain Gain‘ is
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Is China a threat to India?

In Favor :-
  • India is importing Chinese goods in large amounts. These products are cheaper than Indian ones, which is a threat to Indian manufacturers.
  • China-Pakistan Economic corridor passes through India’s territory, without the permission of India.
  • China is maintaining
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Indian Business Schools – Are they really effective?

Positive Side :-
  • Top B-schools are sending their students to big companies for internships to provide them practical knowledge.
  • With increasing Internationalization, Indian B-Schools are improving a lot from the past few years.
  • Indian B-Schools prepare students for the corporate
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Union Budget just before Assembly Elections – Is it a Fair Move?

Theme :-
  • In November 2016, Central Government announced that Union Budget will be presented on 1st Feb 2017. Generally Union Budget will be presented on the last day of February. It was advanced by a month to ensure speedier implementation
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Technology changing the face of education

Background :-
  • In the past few years, we witnessed a major change in the world with the advancement of technology. Education sector is no exception to this.
  • The way children are taught and the way of interaction between students and