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Is online piracy inevitable?

What is online piracy :-
  • Online piracy is the term used to describe the real time illegal downloading of copyrighted materials from the internet.
Pros of online piracy :-
  • We can get access to all the material for free. This
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How can we stop ‘Honor Killings’?

What is a Honor Killing :-
  • ‘Honor killing’ is the murder of a family member by other family members in the name of protecting ‘honor’. Generally, young women are the victims. In most of the cases, the reasons are refusal
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Will E-commerce dominate physical stores?

In Favor :-
  • Growth of E-commerce is much faster than growth of sales in physical stores in retail sector.
  • Online shopping is very convenient and time saving for consumers, because products will be delivered at our homes.
  • E-commerce platforms are
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How can river Ganga be cleaned?

Why is the river Ganga important :-
  • Nearly 40% of the Indian population depends on Ganga water for daily usage.
  • Ganga Delta is one of the best fertile lands. For all the crops here, river Ganga is the main source.
Political GD Topics

Parliamentary System vs Presidential System

Background :-
  • In general, there are two types of democratic governments. They are ‘parliamentary form of government‘ and ‘presidential form of government‘.
  • To understand these types of government, first of all you need to know about three main organs of