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Age and Youth: Experience And Young Talent

In Favor to Age:-
  •  They have more practical knowledge rather than bookish knowledge.
  • Aged people have more patience than youth. Most of the young people easily get bored by some routine work in organization.
  • Most of the violent activities are
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Should Water Resources Be Nationalized?

  • At present, all rivers and lakes in India are in the authority of respective state government.
  • In some areas floods are occurring and in some areas droughts occurring. If we connect all the rivers these problems will be solved.
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Indian villages – Our Strength or Weakness?

Indian Villages – Strength of India :-
  • Mahatma Gandhi once said – “The future of India lies in its villages”. According to Gandhiji, villages are self-sufficient units. He believed that peace and non-violence exists in India.
  • Villages are the backbone
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Private Educational Institutions – Good or Bad?

In Favor:-
  • Through privatization, quality of education will be good.
  • It’s difficult for govt. to maintain all schools and colleges. So, it’s better to give some responsibility to private people.
  • Students will become familiar with competitive world.
  • Some private institutes
wikileaks - boon or bane
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Is WikiLeaks a bane or a boon?

  • WikiLeaks is an international non-profit organisation that publishes submissions of private, secret, and classified media from anonymous news sources, news leaks and  whistleblowers.
  • The website of wikileaks launched in 2006 under The Sunshine Press organization.
  • Wikileaks claimed a database