Social Media – Impact on human behavior and society

social media – impact on human behaviour and society

Difference between Social media & Social networks:

Many students are confusing Social media with Social networks because these terms are used interchangeably. And hence a few students are talking about social networks when the GD topic is about social mediaRead the rest

Relevance of WTO in today’s global scenario

relevance of wto

Theme :-

  • Amid US-China trade war, Trump’s threats to withdrew from WTO (World Trade Organization) and increasing importance of regional trade blocs, is WTO losing its influence? Is it still relevant in the new global era?

Why WTO is

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Should the rich and wealthy in India be taxed more?


 Yes :-

  • With the extra revenue, we can create a better and safe environment, provide quality education, build, roads and infrastructure which every nation needs for the development.
  • This scheme will help in reducing the wealth gap between the rich
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