Artificial intelligence – Pros and Cons

Artificial intelligence

Background :-

  • The ability of a computer system or a machine to behave intelligently with some human traits is known as artificial intelligence (AI) or machine intelligence (MI).
  • Automated cars, interpretation of human speech, high level gaming strategies, decoding complex
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How can we deal with increasing Cyber Crimes?

cyber crimes


  • Around 11,592 cases of cyber crimes were reported across India in 2015, the number is 26 folds more than the cases reported in 2006 accounting 453 cases.
  • Financial fraud and identity theft are the most common cyber crimes. A
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Is India prepared enough to handle cyber attacks?


Yes :-

  • National Technical Research organization (NRTO), which was formed in 2004, provides technical intelligence to internal and external security.
  • Computer Emergency Response Team(CERT)-India notifies concerned regarding cyber attacks, analyses the vulnerability.
  • National Cyber Security Policy, 2013 aims at protecting
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Smart Cities Mission – Benefits & Challenges

Smart cities Mission - Benefits & Challenges


  • On 25th June 2015, the government of India launched ‘Smart Cities Mission‘.


  • The concept of ‘Smart cities‘ was born in 2008 when IBM introduced this concept as a part of its ‘Smarter Planet
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