Blockchain Technology – Pros & Cons

What is Blockchain Technology :-

  • Blockchain consists of transactions (blocks) linked as a chain. Every transaction has a timestamp and the next transaction is linked to it, so we can easily know where that money came from and where
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Will artificial intelligence take away jobs?

Artificial intelligence (2)


  • Artificial Intelligence is mainly feeding the raw inputs and the corresponding outcome into a system. The role of this automated device is to come up with an optimistic algorithm to reach that particular output with the given data input
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Impact of ‘Internet of Things (IoT)’ on our lives

internet of things

What is Internet of Things (IoT):-

  • Internet of Things is a network of interconnected digital devices, machines, vehicles etc. These devices exchange data.
  • IoT is being adopted by almost all the sectors. One of the best examples of Internet
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Artificial intelligence – Pros and Cons

Artificial intelligence

Background :-

  • The ability of a computer system or a machine to behave intelligently with some human traits is known as artificial intelligence (AI) or machine intelligence (MI).
  • Automated cars, interpretation of human speech, high level gaming strategies, decoding complex
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