E-voting Pros & challenges
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E-voting: Pros & challenges

  • On 20th October 2021, Telangana is going to conduct a dummy election in the Khammam district to test smartphone-based e-voting. This is the first-ever e-voting in India.
What is e-voting:
  • e-voting or online voting is the use of electronic
What if bitcoin crash to zero
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What if Bitcoin crashes to zero?

  • Several investors including John Paulson, Jeff Schumacher are predicting that the value of bitcoin will eventually become zero. But many others are of the opinion that it is impossible, they do believe that the value of a bitcoin will
digital privacy
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Digital privacy

What is digital privacy?
  • Digital privacy means the protection of the personal information of individuals who use digital mediums.
Points to speak:
  • We provide our personal information to many apps and websites mostly to use their services. For example, we
Use of technology in social movements
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Use of technology in social movements

Points to speak:
  • Social media is helping in gathering the support of a large number of people for many social movements. For example, in the early 2010s, many activists in the middle east used Twitter and Facebook to organise protests
is technology headed in the right direction
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Is Technology headed in the right direction?

  • Technology is making our lives easier. Due to new technological innovations living standards have improved significantly.
  • Technology is making our society inclusive. Many senior citizens, people with special needs are also able to live independently due to new technological