Artificial intelligence (2)
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Will artificial intelligence take away jobs?

  • Artificial Intelligence is mainly feeding the raw inputs and the corresponding outcome into a system. The role of this automated device is to come up with an optimistic algorithm to reach that particular output with the given data input
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Should the rich and wealthy in India be taxed more?

Yes :-
  • With the extra revenue, we can create a better and safe environment, provide quality education, build, roads and infrastructure which every nation needs for the development.
  • This scheme will help in reducing the wealth gap between the rich
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Zero – Abstract GD Topic

Zero as a concept has been around since ancient times, popping up in Babylonian and Mayan inscriptions, when it was used to calculate the passage of the seasons. In today’s world, zero plays a big role unknowingly. Some of the…
Son of the soil
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Son of the Soil approach in recruitment – Good or Bad?

What is ‘Son of the Soil approach’ in recruitments:-
  • The theory of bearing the job opportunities from various companies established in a particular area must be offered mainly to the people living in that area and not the immigrants who
Patanjali marketing lessons
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Rise of Patanjali – Marketing lessons to learn

Background :-
  • The big brand Patanjali Ayurved Limited is an Indian FMGC company with headquarters in Delhi. This company has left a remarkable mark on the business industry with its sale of mineral and herbal products. According to CLSA and