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Involving Army in civil tasks – Right or Wrong?

Theme :-
  • Recently, Indian government took Army’s help in constructing a bridge in Mumbai.
It is okay to involve Army in civil tasks :-
  • Army’s efficient and uninterrupted functioning is essential to the nation or the society. The army with
One rank one pension
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One Rank One Pension – Advantages and Disadvantages

What is One Rank One Pension :-
  • One Rank One Pension means ‘Retired soldier of the same rank and have same length of service will receive same pension irrespective of their date of retirement’.
  • Indra Gandhi led congress government in
indo-pak relations
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How can Indo-Pak relations be improved?

Theme :-
  • Since the independence, India and Pakistan have fought four wars (one undeclared war) and have engaged in a uncountable number of military standoffs.
  • There have been numerous attempts to improve the relationship like the Shimla summit, the Agra
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