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If Third World War happens, what will be the possible reason behind it?

Theme :-
  • In January 2019, China ordered it’s army to prepare for war amid clashes between China & USA at South China sea. This intensified the debates about whether World war 3 is going to happen or not.
Let’s analyse…
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Can women be in combat roles?

Theme :-
  • In November 2018, Indian Army Chief, Bipin Rawat said that Indian Army is not yet ready for women in Combat roles ( face to face fight with enemy ) considering the lack of facilities and infrastructure to make
article 35a gd topic
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Should Article 35A be abolished?

Theme :-
  • On 6th August 2018, Supreme court will hear a bunch of petitions challenging the validity of Article 35A. This resulted in widespread protests and debates in Jammu & Kashmir.
What is Article 35A :-
  • This article defines permanent
imran khan
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Imran Khan as Pakistan’s Prime Minister – Impact on Indo-Pak relations

Theme :-
  • Imran khan is elected as Pakistan’s new Prime Minister, and will take oath as PM on Aug 11th, 2018.
Positive side :-
  • In his victory speech, the new Pakistan’s PM Imran khan said that he is willing to
India-US relations – Trump
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India-US relations – Impact of Trump

Theme :-
  • 2+2 dialogues (meeting of Defence and External Affairs ministers of both countries), which were scheduled to be held on July 6th was postponed by USA. This is the third time this talks are postponed. Hence this announcement was