Should India be given a permanent seat in UNSC?


In Favor :-

  • India is the largest democracy in the world, one of the largest economies, one of the largest contributors of the United Nations peacekeeping forces.
  • India has stronger economy than Russia, which is a permanent member of Security
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Is Technology rising Unemployment rates?

technology unemployment

Yes :-

  • Redundancy and Automation is continuously replacing human labour.
  • If any business depends heavily on human labour, it tends to fail as it cannot cope up with the competition from the technologically advanced competitors.
  • Several kinds of jobs are
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Do business and ethics go hand in hand?

Ethics in business

Background :-

  • Ethics is ‘the moral values, principles governing our behaviour and having consciousness about our responsibility towards the society‘.
  • In today’s world, there is often a conflict between business and ethics.

In Favor :-

  • There are many
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