Is war the best way to solve international disputes?

war & international disputes


Wars are fought by a country or a group of countries to establish power over opposing country by using armed forces, with the objective of ending a conflict. War could be civil or revolutionary. Several wars have occurred between … Read the rest

Gene-edited babies project – Pros & Cons

Gene-edited babies project - Pros & Cons

Theme :-

  • In November 2018, a Chinese scientist named ‘He Jiankui’ claimed that he edited human embryos of a twin girls to make them HIV resistant. He did this to prevent passing of HIV from the twin girls’ father. He
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Social Media – Impact on human behavior and society

social media – impact on human behaviour and society

Difference between Social media & Social networks :-

Many students are confusing Social media with Social networks, because these terms are used interchangeably. And hence a few students are talking about social networks when the GD topic is about social Read the rest