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Mechanisms adopted to combat terrorism
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Mechanisms adopted to combat terrorism

Nowadays terrorism is not related to any specific country. It is a global problem and needs all the countries to unite and fight against it. The UN has taken the following steps to combat terrorism:
  • Activities on law enforcement and
India Iran relations
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India – Iran Relations

History :- The history starts from the Cold War period. The non-aligned India established close military links with the Soviet Union and Iran sided with the USA. Iran continued its support to Pakistan and India’s support to Iraq during the…
poverty gd topic
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How can the standard of people below the poverty line be raised?

How can the standard of people below the poverty line be raised? (a) By giving them best education (b) Giving them reservation in education & jobs (c) Or anything else Before discussing ways to improve the standards of people below…
higher education in India
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Higher Education in India

The plight of Indian Higher Education System can be understood from the fact that Indians spend Rs. 65,000 crores annually on foreign education which is almost the twice of the government’s higher education budget. Also, every year only one or…
India - France relations
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India-France Relations

History :- The French and Indian relationship goes back a long way. France maintained its colonial presence in India from the  17th century till 1954. The French were the last European people to arrive in India. They formed ‘The French…