Should Paper ballot system be restored?

Should Paper ballot system be restored?

Theme :-

  • There is a widespread demand from opposition parties to replace Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) system with paper ballot system to prevent EVM tampering.

In Favor :-

  • The main disadvantage of EVM is that it is prone to tampering. With paper ballot system, this can be prevented.
  • Paper ballots are more secure compared to EVMs.
  • Digitalization is on rise in every field. But not all sectors are same. For example, fraud in elections is not same as a fraud in e-commerce sector. If voting system is not secure, entire nation will be in the hands of the non-deserving leader.

Against :-

  • Reverting to Paper ballot system will be a contradictory step to encouraging cashless transactions.
  • Election Commission (EC) announced that EVMs will be replaced with advanced M3 machines in 2019 general elections. M3 machines stop working if they are tampered. So, there is no need to restore paper ballot system.
  • EVMs have a lot of advantages like faster results, cost-effective, accurate, portable, reducing the role of people, saving a lot of paper etc. So instead of going back to paper ballot system, it is much better to make EVMs tamper-proof.

What is Paper ballot system :-

  • In paper ballot system, voters mark their choice on the pre-made ballot papers and drop the voted ballot in the ballot box. After casting votes, ballot papers are counted and the number of votes will be declared.
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What is EVM :-

  • Electronic Voting Machine (EVM) is used to cast and count votes using electronic systems. Using this method, voters have to press the button indicating their choice and the votes will be electronically registered.

Facts :-

  • India is using EVMs since 1999.
  • USA, and some other developed countries are still using paper ballot system.

Conclusion :-

Elections are the most important thing for any country. Trust of voters in the voting system is the most important thing than convenience or cost-effective solution. Either ‘secure digital voting system’ or ‘paper ballot system’ will ensure the confidence of voters and prevents the failure of nation.

Your Turn…

Do you think paper ballot system is s in the comment section below.better than EVM? Express your thoughts in the comment section below.

photo credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg Voting form of the Dutch elections in 2017 via photopin (license)

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