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Brain drain has to be stopped

What is brain drain?:
  • ‘Brain drain‘ or ‘Human capital flight‘ means settling in a foreign country. It can be simply defined as the mass emigration of technically skilled people from one country to another country.
  • Brain drain happens due to
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What can we do to eradicate poverty?

  • In 1991, there are 150 million Indians who claim themselves to be of the poor. In 2001, the number rises up to 230 million Indians.
  • According to UNICEF “Every 3.6 seconds one person dies of starvation”.
  • In India if
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Can Trade help the poor?

  • Exchange of goods and services is called as ‘Trade’.
  • In ancient days, goods were exchanged directly. Later money is being used as medium of exchange.
  • ‘Free trade’ refers to a general openness to exchange goods, labor and information between
age and youth
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Age and Youth: Experience And Young Talent

In Favor to Age:-
  •  They have more practical knowledge rather than bookish knowledge.
  • Aged people have more patience than youth. Most of the young people easily get bored by some routine work in organization.
  • Most of the violent activities are
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Should Water Resources Be Nationalized?

  • At present, all rivers and lakes in India are in the authority of respective state government.
  • In some areas floods are occurring and in some areas droughts occurring. If we connect all the rivers these problems will be solved.