India-China relations

Theme :-

  • After Pulwama terror attacks, India requested United Nations to list Masood Azhar as a global terrorist. Even though 14 countries of UNSC are in favor of the proposal, China blocked the request using its veto power.
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Open economy – Role of MNCs in India

role of MNCs in India

Theme :-

  • Multinational Corporations (MNC) operate in more than one country.
  • In 1991, India faced economic crisis and to lift the country out of crisis, Indian government rolled out economic reforms, and hence openly opted for economic liberalisation. This
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Brexit – Impact on India?

Theme :-

  • There are 28 member countries in ‘European Union’ (EU). United Kingdom of Great Britain, which means UK is also a member of it. But UK is not happy with EU, because
    • EU’s policies override UK’s national policies
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Top 30 GD Topics 2019 (with Answers)

top gd topics of 2020

Top 30 GD topics 2019:

  1. Abrogation of Article 370
  2. Bifurcation of Jammu & Kashmir
  3. Union Budget – 2019-20
  4. Electric vehicles in India
  5. Doubling of Farmers’ Income by 2022 – How can India achieve this?
  6. Can India become a $5 trillion
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