Taliban rule in Afghanistan
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Taliban rule in Afghanistan – Impact on India

Theme: In August 2021, the Taliban took over Afghanistan. Taliban rule in Afghanistan – Impact on India: India has invested

impact of covid-19 on mental health
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Impact of COVID-19 on mental health

As many people are dying due to COVID-19, there is an intense fear in almost everyone about the health of themselves and their family members. This is causing anxiety disorders, stress and depression in several people.

Second wave of covid-19
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The second wave of COVID-19

In the initial days of the Covid pandemic, patients were traced and those who are close contacts were quarantined to prevent further spread of the virus. But later, with the increasing number of infected people, tracing and quarantining became difficult.

Quad - GD Topic
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At present, all the Quad nations have trade relations with China. Quad is a great opportunity to diversify supply chains to reduce dependence on China and to opt for Free Trade Agreements among each other.

Private trains in India - benefits & challenges
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Private trains in India – Benefits & Challenges

In general, with limited investment, developing countries give priority to the welfare of the citizens over providing world-class facilities for them. So, it’s better to transfer that responsibility to private players to create a win-win situation for all.