Donald Trump’s Presidency – Pros & Cons

Donald Trump’s Presidency

Background :-

  • Donald Trump, the 45th and current president of the United States, has been in power since January 20th 2017. He preceded Barrack Obama and is from the Republican political party.
  • Trump has a strong sense of business and has been specialized in economics. Before diving into politics, he has been a businessman and a television person.

Pros :-

  • Trump has a confident and powerful personality which is a plus point for the field of politics. Instead of practicing nepotism towards a particular group or getting into lobbies, he chooses to be the main power himself and promotes his strengths.
  • The U.S. growth seems to grow more from the 2.2% annual average rate as it was during President Barrack Obama’s second term. With a Republican President, tax debts are likely to loosen and public spending to boost. The Keynesian fiscal stimulus can finally be implemented which was proposed back in time by Obama.
  • Trump has been mending some laws regarding the taxes to be paid. Some tax reforms like an amnesty for multinational companies that repatriate foreign profits, is now under a law, the Republicans will enable easy agreement on tax cuts financed mainly by higher public borrowing, etc. These tax reforms will create even bigger budget deficits, which in turn will stimulate more growth and inflation.
  • Having a strong background of economics, Trump paves ways for economical impact to be on the top. Banks have loosened the lending standards for households of minor incoming people, but residential construction and debt-financed constructions are tightened for growth.
  • Trump’s experience in the business empire is surely to help him deal with governments to carry on business deals. His background can provide him some connections behind the curtains and help him expand economically with trading business across the globe, or hand in partnerships with different industries and governments.

Cons :-

  • Trump is against liberal immigrantion policies. This is affecting empoyment of immigrants and also IT companies of USA.
  • Having a strong business sense made him flourish in the business and economic fields, but failed him in creating an actual team for serving various purposes. His self-promotion and launching himself as a brand game has been played strongly, more than the significant goals as a president.
  • Trump has been through a lot of bankruptcy and he openly tries to bend the laws to his favor to save himself from the governments and banks to burden him anymore. This shows some flaws in his personality like lack of responsibility towards his position.
  • Trump has been prioritizing some noticeable issues like the Muslim immigration clampdown, challenging the independence of the Fed, bizarre and ill-qualified cabinet selections, antagonizing China and other trading partners for no reason or embracing Russia and its rogue regime. This is not acceptable beyond limits and can turn people and communities against him.
  • The boosting of public spending and cutting down on taxes on an already nearing full employment may be alarming as the rate of inflation will increase. This will also impact on financial trades.
  • Under Trump, the US economy and long-term interest rates is sky-rising by day. This in turn increases the strength of dollars, which is already overvalued. This can be a trouble for the developing countries like Brazil. India and Russia, whose economies are relatively low.

Conclusion :-

In-spite of the pros and cons of Donald Trumps presidency, it is yet unsure of how things turn out in the near future. Trump has been engaged in his self promotion as a brand, which can be a sign that he would fight for the position in the next election.

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  1. trump is ruining alot of progress we have made as a country,its all about him,him,him,how can anyone believe a word he says? all he does is lie,he treats the presidency as a game and he will do anything,and I mean anything to win.he is a disgrace,I’m at the point I dont want to admit I’m an american,, his wife and kids must be so proud…if he were my father,( thank God he isnt) I wouldn’t admit it. he has lost what mind he had,,,,,the Republicans in Congress should also be ashamed of their selves for not standing up to him when he spews out the lies he tells,, he is everything we teach our kids not to be like,nasty,liar,cheater,discusting excuse for a bullying human

    1. I feel the opposite. Based on our economy and how well America is doing world-side in terms of joblessness and welfare, we have never done better as a country. Trump is a businessman and runs this country like a business, as it should be done. We cannot improve our infrastructure without assets.. Trump is getting those assets. He also has been working to rebuild many government infrastructures that simply were not working, did the Amercian people no good and sucked up US revenue to keep going.

      I am PROUD to be an American and regardless of what you feel about our President, I find it distasteful for any American to make such statements about actually being an American. I find it quite ironic, how when the Obama was in office, his record as President showed he was horrible at united Americans, he was extremely bias, to the point of prejudice and did nothing for the moral of this country.. He plunged us into more and more economic debt, poverty, and literally divided our Nation. Yet, you didn’t see those that voted for the other guy get all pissy.

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