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Famous or Important – Abstract GD Topic

The following are the words of Arlo Davis Guthrie, who is an American folk singer, known for singing songs of protest against social injustice and storytelling while performing songs. “Being famous is not the same as being important. A lot…
Abstract GD Topics

Might is always right

This phrase describes that the people in power determine what is right or wrong, even if the outcomes aren’t favourable for everyone. It is generally used in a negative sense to mean that powerful people can convert their wrongs into…
affordable healthcare India
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Affordable Healthcare in India

India is considered an attractive option by medical tourists due to the low costs and relatively high quality private sector hospitals. The government always regards healthcare as a primary objective in the five year plans and promotes awareness and the…
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Insolvency and bankruptcy code

Developed to find a solution to the proliferating stressed assets of banks, The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code has been evolving since 2016. Although the code has been able to do only a little good to the banks uptil now, it…
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Freebie politics in India

Theme :- It’s elections time, and hence every party is trying to offer freebies to attract voters. There is so much criticism on freebie politics. Background :- The term Freebies is not new; rather it is a prevalent culture in…