one year of gst
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One year of GST

Theme :-
  • 1st July is GST (Goods & Services Tax) day. It’s been exactly a year since GST was implemented in 2017.
Aims of GST :-
  • To simplify taxation process by replacing many taxes such as Service, Central excise tax
impact of gst on banking sector
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Impact of GST on Banking sector

Background :-
  • Goods and Services Tax, a strong taxation system was introduced on 1st of July in India.
  • Every product including aerated drinks, tobacco products, gold etc that was being imported or exported across the country was now committed to
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Is GST beneficial for the common man?

Plus :-
  • Basic food items prices aren’t increased. There is no tax on milk, pulses, wheat and rice.
  • Prices of most of the daily essentials used by middle class people remain unchanged and prices of some daily essentials like soaps,