Let’s Discuss – Day 35 | Participate in the Group Discussion

Let’s Discuss – Day 35 | Participate in the Group Discussion

Note :- If possible, please write your comments in the comment section of the embedded youtube video, so that all comments will be at one place.

Today is the 35th day of ‘Let’s Discuss’ program. This program is like a virtual group discussion. we’ll give you a GD topic on every Tuesday. Go to the embedded youtube video and express your thoughts on the topic through the comment section by tomorrow morning 10 o’clock. We’ll read each and every comment and will pin the best comment.

The aim of this program is to create a platform for students to express their views, to learn from the opinions of others and to finesse their articulation skills.

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  1. In my views,In Indian constitution Art 19 gives us power of freedom. In which one is to speek. we can speek freely as our wish. no body can not force us to speek on any topic. we can freely share our though,ideas and our opinions wiht anyone without any problem. But we can not speek anything contrary to our country our prime minister and our nation Otherwise you can caught by the police.

  2. According to me the freedom of speech is our Constitutional right and noone can force us that what we have to say or what to not say. This power is used by us in such a way that none’s feeling get affected and also we can express our thoughts.This is the time of social media , with the help of social media we can easily express our thoughts to others and if it can be helpful for others, they like our thoughts which boosts our morality. Thanks friends

  3. According to me there should be a Freedom of speech in India.
    India is a demographic country so everyone has the right to speak.
    As we know In India many languages like Hindi,English,Marathi,Tamil,Telugu and many are spoken so everyone can express there views in there own language without any hesitation to speak the same as other do speak.They can dileberate there thoughts what they feel about there country or any problem irrespective of the field they are.
    But at the same time it dose not mean that if someone gets the right to speak they can say anything which can be disrespectful dor the country or for any person.

  4. A very good morning all,
    As the topic of concern of today is -freedom of speech
    It sounds good that our giant democratic constitution has provided us six strong pillars of human right.freedom of speech is one of them,by which all the citizen has equal right to speech to share his/her ideas ,aspirations, via any form.It may be in print form or sharing text through digital video,audio or speech.Its quite close to freedom of expression. Now comes to another part of this prestigious constitutional right.In our pious constitution there is some other laws and fundamental concepts that somewhat limits it. Now considering those things and what is alarming as per concern.
    1.It should not be biased with any particular community that corrosions the integrity of our constituency and capsize the others other’s sentiment.
    2.It should not be anti national,though we don’t have any strong law regard to this but the acquittal can be summoned and will be liable to his act of …….(crime).
    3.It should not encroach others territory and diminish their fundamental rights.

    Well fair enough, now come to the importance and charming part of it.
    Freedom of speech is probably one of the best right that our pious constitutions has provided us, by which any citizen may express his ideas to the government and different body of the society. Probably it gives right to different minor caste and tribe to uproar and upsurge their voices.It confirms that no one is bind to show and upthrust it voice to upper level.

  5. Hi friends
    I am a keralite, and my mother tongue is malayalam. Even though i am proud of my language, i believe that there is something like a bond which unites the people of India from kashmir to kanyakumari…… Yes!! thats our national language # HINDI# In a state like Arunachal pradesh bounded by Valleys and various clans in each of those sectors, they are united by our national language. This is not the case of a single state. Each places have their own dialects and ethnic identity. It will be still continued in the future without restrictions, their lies the power of our constitution…..

  6. According to me India is a large democratic country everybody has right to express their opinion without any fear and this is one of the constitutional right. Nowadays social media is very strong so any incident happens anybody can tweet their opinion within few minutes all over the world people get the information and administration has to take action. They cannot hide it. Innocent people get justice. Freedom of speech is very important. In a democratic country nobody can stop it by his muscles power.

  7. Freedom of speech in India.
    Hiii, good morning everyone. Every Indian citizen is the right of to speech freedomly without any fear. In the Indian constitution we have six fundamental right.in which one is right to freedom. So we can share our ideas, thoughts, and opinions in any topic. Nobody can’t force to us.

    1. In India there is no boundation on speech.and in my view it’s a big fault of our constitution because if there were boundation on speech,no one will never talk any bad words about our country or its constitution.And in the other hand it’s a good management of our constitution by which everyone can represent their thought by speech before society. It’s a boon for those who has the power to speak something before public .It’s all mean that it is the best medium of conversation by which someone can spread their thought in country.

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