India’s growing population – How can it be controlled?



  • According to the Population Reference Bureau (PRB), India will cross China’s population by 2024 and will emerge as the world’s most populous country.
  • As of 2018, India has 135.26 crore people and China’s population is 139.27 crore people.
  • Earlier, it was expected that India will cross China’s population by 2050. But the new report revealed that India’s population will cross China’s by 2024 because India’s fertility rates are higher than China’s.

Why population growth is bad for India:

  • In India, the main cause of low living standards and growing unemployment is its overpopulation.
  • With a growing population, it is very difficult for the government to provide food, health services and employment to all citizens.

Steps taken by the Indian government:

  • India is the first country in the world to start family planning program. In 1952, India started working on the goal of decreasing fertility rates.
  • National Population Stabilization Fund‘ (NPSF) was set up in 2004 to take measures on population stabilization.
  • India is a signatory of ‘Family Planning 2020‘, a global movement to give 12 crores more women access to contraceptives by 2020.
  • Due to widespread awareness programs, almost all married women in India are aware of the contraceptives and surgical sterilization.

What still needs to be done:

  • Government incentives should be increased for families having one or two children.
  • More awareness programs on the importance of family planning should be conducted.
  • Literacy rates need to be increased. With increased literacy rates and awareness, fertility rates will be improved.
  • Though Child marriage is illegal in India, there are many child marriages taking place in India. Child marriages lead to high fertility rates due to lack of awareness. Strict action should be taken against child marriages.
  • The reason is that lack of medical facilities is causing low survival rates of kids in remote areas. Due to this, many people in those areas are giving birth to more kids.
  • Still, many Indians are treating their male child as their heir. This perception should go away. Increasing incentives for girl child’s education and medical facilities and creating awareness about legal issues such as women’s rights in India can help in solving this problem.


Countries with limited population can achieve a high standard of living and peace. The new projections that India will cross China’s population soon is a serious reminder for India to focus more on population control. Along with conducting awareness programs, the government should give more incentives to reduce fertility rates.

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