james webb telescope
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James Webb Telescope

  • In July 2022, NASA released the first set of images taken by the ‘James Webb Space Telescope’ (JWST).
James Webb Telescope:
  • Telescopes are sent into space to get a clearer view of the planets, stars, and galaxies. Telescopes can
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What are cobots?:
  • Collaborative robots (Cobots) work with humans in a shared space. They are designed to either assist or guide humans.
Points to speak on ‘cobots’:
  • Traditional robots perform programmed tasks in an isolated environment to prevent harm to
Deep tech startups
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Deep Tech startups

What is a Deep Tech startup:
  • Deep Tech or Hard Tech startups are companies that develop engineering and scientific innovations to solve complex real-world problems. Developing an affordable solution for treating life-threatening diseases, creating IoT-based accident prevention systems for vehicles
Technology addiction
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Technology addiction

Points to speak on the topic ‘Technology addiction’:
  • Technology made our lives so much easier. But it also created a new problem, which is tech addiction. With the increasing usage of smartphones and the internet, people of all ages are
digital footprint
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Digital Footprint

  • In the present times, Digital footprint is more important now than ever before. It can affect our career, relationships and most importantly reputation.
What is ‘Digital Footprint’:
  • Digital Footprint is a record of our information online. There are two