is india ready for 5g
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Is India ready for 5G?

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  • At present the whole world is using 4G cellular communication technology, and a good number of users are still using 2G & 3G services.
  • Now, the world is looking towards implementing 5th generation cellular communication technology, which will
plastic money
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Plastic Money – Advantages & Disadvantages

What is Plastic Money: Using plastic cards in place of physical cash is now a common phenomenon. These cards are called plastic money. Debit cards & credit cards are good examples of plastic money. Plastic money has provided us with…
challenges in IT industry
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Challenges in the IT industry

Challenges in IT industry :-
  • Retention of employees is one of the biggest challenges for IT industry. Generally software companies hire people, train them but only to witness their resignation once they are enough experienced in the job. It takes
Impact of technology on jobs
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Impact of Technology on jobs

  • Technology has made a number of traditional jobs redundant. For example, ATMs replaced some bank jobs. The new wave of technologies like automation and artificial intelligence is a threat to many jobs. There is an impact of technology on
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Industrial Revolution 4.0

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  • In October 2018, WEF (World Economic Forum) launched center for “Fourth industrial revolution” in Maharashtra, India.
  • Initially the center will work on Artificial Intelligence (AI), drones & Blockchain technology.
  • India is the fourth country after US, China &