Demographic Dividend in India

demographic dividend

Background :-

  • Demographic dividend occurs when the fertility and mortality rates decreases and thereby economic growth of the country increases. If fertility and mortality rates decreases, there will be fewer mouths to feed & the life expectancy will increase, so,
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Role of NGOs in India


What is an NGO :-

  • A Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is a legally established organization, which works independently from any government.
  • NGOs work for the good causes like eradicating poverty, providing education etc. They are Non Profit Organizations, that means
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Is FDI good for India?


What is FDI :- 

  • FDI ( Foreign Direct Investment ) is the investment by a foreign companies in domestic companies.
  • The host company and the company that is investing together form a ‘multinational corporation’ (MNC).
  • Through FDI the investing company 
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